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Civil Asset Forfeiture

Civil Asset Forfeiture Claims in New York

What is Civil Asset Forfeiture?

Civil asset forfeiture is a legal procedure by which the government is able to seize property that they claim has been involved in criminal activity. When this occurs, it does not matter if you, the individual, had any involvement in the crime, as the government charges the property itself. From your vehicle and home to your money, law enforcement officials may be able to take away property without even charging you with a crime, and it may be extremely difficult to get it back without the assistance of a New York civil rights lawyer from Horn Wright, LLP at your side.

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Is the Government Able to Seize my Property?

While civil forfeiture law was initially created to give law enforcement a tool to go after organized crime and seize their ill-gotten gains, it is unfortunately sometimes used as a way to unjustly generate revenue. There are numerous instances where innocent members of the public have had their property targeted, and have not been able to recover it.

Civil asset forfeiture is unique in that:

  • It is an action taken against the property itself rather than the owner
  • Does not require a criminal conviction to take place, and often not even a criminal charge
  • Most cases are federal
  • The burden of proof is often on the owner of the property- i.e. your property is considered guilty until proven innocent

Our Firm Can Help You Beat Civil Forfeiture

When the government has so much power over the assets of others, those who are not criminals and have done nothing wrong can easily be affected. Our New York civil rights lawyers have helped numerous clients regain their property that has been seized under civil forfeiture law, and are ready to take on your case.

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