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Sexual Abuse

New York Sexual Assault Attorneys

A New Law, A New Chance for Justice

With recent changes in the law, victims of sexual abuse can now seek justice for assault committed by predators and the organizations that harbored them. Until recently, sexual abuse victims were deprived of their right to compensation. On February 14, 2019, the state of New York enacted the New York Child Victims Act that allows victims up to the age of 55 to bring an action for damages against their abuser.

The law provides:

  • A new timeline for victims to file an action
  • Opportunity to file against not only the predator who assaulted them, but the employer and/or organization that harbored them (such as as social clubs, recreation organizations, sporting leagues, public schools, churches, synagogues and other religious institutions.)

Don’t Wait - Time May Be Limited

The New York Child Victims Act now permits victims of sexual assault whose claims were previously barred by time limitations a short, one-time window to file a civil lawsuit. Do not miss your opportunity to pursue justice against those who committed these horrific acts. Failing to pursue your claims during this one-time window may prevent you from doing so forever. Our attorneys at Horn Wright, LLP can provide consultation and analysis based on the specific facts of your case to determine whether the New York Child Victims Act provides a path for you to seek justice.

Discover your rights by calling (855) 465-4622 and contacting Horn Wright, LLP and our New York sexual abuse attorneys today.

Compassionate Representation for a Sensitive Issue

At the Russel Friedman Law Group, we know discussing sexual assault is not easy, regardless of how many years have passed. Our sexual abuse lawyers in New York take pride in handling these cases differently from other firms by prioritizing both the confidentiality and sensitive nature of your case.

Our commitment to you:

  • We will never invade your personal life beyond the facts necessary to zealously pursue your case.
  • We will ensure you are consistently updated about your case, until you understand each step involved.
  • We will never treat you as one of many cases and will prioritize the sensitivity of your case.

We are a local law firm that takes pride in helping our friends and neighbors in the community in which we practice. We acknowledge the courage it takes to come forward regarding sexual assault and are committed to providing you with an exceptional experience in pursuing justice against those who have caused you or your loved one harm. Remember: Attorney-Client communications are kept confidential and never shared with third-parties.

Employers of the Abuser Can Be Responsible

The individuals committing sexual assault may not be the only one responsible for your injuries and damages. Employers and organizations who knew, or who should have known, of the sexual assault may also be liable under theories of liability such as negligent supervision or negligent hiring.

Sadly, employers and the organizations that harbor sexual predators often ignore the tell-tale signs that sexual assault is occurring under their watch, or fail to take immediate action when sexual assault is discovered. An employer’s acts or omissions in instances of sexual assault can create liability under the New York Child Victims Act. Contact one of our expert sexual assault attorneys in New York for the legal help you need.

Were you or a loved one a victim of child sexual abuse in church, school, social clubs, recreational organizations or any other community organization in the state of New York? Under the New York Child Victims Act, you may be entitled for money damages related to the abuse suffered. Let our experienced attorneys advocate for the justice you deserve.

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Our attorneys at The Russell Freidman Law Group have prosecuted cases resulting in seven-figure verdicts at trial, and have handled countless cases involving statutory rape, sexual promotion of a minor, child pornography, and sexual assault.

Let our experienced New York sexual assault attorneys at Horn Wright, LLP help you obtain the compensation you or your loved one deserves.


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