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Were you driving through New York when a distracted driving ran a red light and crashed right into you? Did you come to a stopped intersection when a texting driver hit you at full speed? You are not alone. Distracted drivers are a menace on the roads wherever they are, and they cause thousands of car accidents every year.

If you were hurt by a distracted driver in New York, then Horn Wright, LLP wants to be the legal team to help you explore your options to pursue compensation. You deserve the chance to recover as best you can without reaching into your own finances. Fighting an insurance company and the distracted driver, both in and out of court, might be the only way to make that happen, though. Prepare for a legal contest with our assistance, experience, and dedication.

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Various Forms of Distracted Driving

Our New York distracted driving attorneys have helped countless clients who have been hurt by negligent motorists. You can be certain that we have seen distracted driving accident cases involving practically every imaginable type of driver distraction. Our experience and insight become your advantages because we are ready to investigate your accident, uncover the form of distraction involved, and prove how that worsened or contributed to the other driver’s liability.

Drivers can be distracted in three distinct ways:

  • Visually: Distractions that take the driver’s eyes off the road and mirrors are visual distractions.
  • Manually: Distractions that take the driver’s hands of the steering wheel are manual distractions.
  • Mentally: Distractions that take the driver’s mind off the task of driving are mental distractions.

Mental distractions are deceptively dangerous, too. The National Safety Council (NSC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have estimated that mental distractions last for at least 30 seconds after they “end.” For example, a driver reads a billboard for a new restaurant. After the billboard is out of sight, the driver will likely still be thinking about it for half a minute or longer.

Texting is Extremely Dangerous When Driving

Using the smartphone to send or read a text message is one of the worst distractions that a driver can engage in while driving. Picking up the smartphone is a manual distraction, reading the text is a visual distraction, and thinking about the message is a mental distraction. Texting and driving triggers all three forms of distractions at once. Many safety groups consider texting and driving to be just as dangerous as drunk driving.

Hands-Free Car Systems are Distracting, Too

Did the driver who hit you admit to using their hands-free safety systems at the time of the crash? Your distracted driving accident claim could have just gotten an unexpected advantage because hands-free systems are widely considered to be just as dangerous as texting and driving. The main issue that drivers encounter when using a hands-free system is the problem of mental distractions that linger for 30 seconds or more.

Drivers can also struggle with hands-free systems due to unclear instructions and voice commands. In the process of trying to get a computerized system to input and follow a command – like “change the radio station” – a driver can completely distract themselves. Some studies suggest that no amount of practice with an onboard hands-free system in a car will ever make it noticeably easier to use or less distracting.

Bring a Claim Against a Distracted Driver Today

Horn Wright, LLP is standing by to help you file a distracted driving accident claim after a crash in New York that was not your fault. Give our attorneys any evidence you have collected from the scene of the crash, like photographs and eyewitness testimonies, and we can get to work on using it to your claim’s advantage. In the meantime, you can just focus on yourself and your health.

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