Dog Bites

Dog Bite Attorneys in Fort Lee

Dog ownership is at an all-time high, and dogs, large and small, are living in every neighborhood in Fort Lee. While most dogs are friendly and trained, some dog owners are less responsible, and fail to train a dog properly. Some owners train their animals to attack visitors to a property. Whatever the breed, any dog may bite, and the bites can be very dangerous, or even life-threatening. If you or someone you love was attacked by a dog, whether in a home, at a park, or in any location, and suffered serious injuries, it is imperative that you retain legal counsel to help you seek full compensation.

New Jersey Dog Bite Law

Under state law, the dog owner can be held liable if the dog causes an injury, whether the owner knew the dog had a history of aggressive behavior or not. A claim for compensation can be filed in cases of unrestrained dogs roaming the neighborhood, or when a dog bites a visitor to a home. Sadly, children can suffer very serious or fatal injuries in a dog attack, as their short stature allows the dog to attack face, neck, and upper body, causing severe or even fatal injuries. Adults can also be seriously injured, particularly by larger dogs that attack violently, ripping skin, tissue, and muscle.

Dog Bite Injuries – How Often Do Dogs Bite People?

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that one in five people bitten by a dog require medical attention, with an estimated 4.5 million dog bites occurring each year – a staggering number. Children are at high risk, and more likely to require medical care than adults.

Types of Dog Bite Injuries

The injuries sustained in a vicious dog attack can include:

  • Broken bones: Some breeds have exceptionally strong jaws that can bite so vigorously that the bones in the body area are fractured.
  • Eye injuries: A dog may viciously attack the face of the victim, causing eye and face injuries.
  • Head and neck injuries: A dog is an animal, and when it feels threatened, will attack the most vulnerable areas, the head and neck, ripping skin, tissue and muscle.
  • Facial injuries: A dog can inflict deep bites on the face of the victim, irregular in shape, ripping away flesh and skin, leaving disfiguring scars.
  • Rabies: While rare, rabies still exists in the USA, and can be present in a vicious dog. Not all dog owners take the step to vaccinate a dog against rabies, and if bitten by a dog, you must get rabies treatment immediately.
  • Tetanus: Tetanus is an extremely serious bacterial infection that can be transmitted by a dog.
  • Capnocytophaga infections: This bacteria lives in the mouths of dogs, and can be transmitted through a dog bite, particularly dangerous for any person who has compromised immune system.
  • Pasteurella infections: Pasteurella bacteria infects about 50 percent of dog bite wounds, causing swelling and pain.
  • MRSA: This is a staph infection that is now resistant to standard antibiotics. A dog bite can transmit this bacteria, resulting in serious, or life-threatening infections.
  • Amputations: A serious attack on hands, fingers, feet, or arms may lead to the need for amputation.
  • Avulsions: This is a type of injury that involves larger chunks of the body, typically leaving disfiguring injuries.

Dog Bite Cases – You Need an Attorney to Protect Your Rights.

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