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Lawsuits to Penalize Sexual Abusers & Obtain Justice

Sexual abuse is not something that can ever be forgotten. Countless people survive it every year. Only a slim percentage of them realize that legal action can be taken beyond a criminal case to punish the offender.

Horn Wright, LLP in Manchester is here to help you stand up to amplify and use your voice against the sexual abusers who put you through so much pain. Local law enforcement agencies might be conducting an investigation against the perpetrator, or the criminal justice system might be actively prosecuting them, but neither system will account directly for your trauma. Using a sex abuse lawsuit filed by our attorneys on your behalf, you can demand civil damages that help you find financial stability, a sense of justice, and a way to keep moving forward in your life.

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What Damages are Available to Sex Abuse Survivors?

The criminal justice system is meant to convict and sentence a sexual abuser, such as ordering them to pay fines to the state and locking them in prison for years. The civil justice system is your tool to seek financial compensation.

Compensation secured through a sex abuse lawsuit could include:

  • Pain and suffering: The most prominent damages in many sex abuse claims are those related to pain, suffering, and hardship. The emotional trauma and mental anguish caused by a single act of sexual violence can last a lifetime. Money cannot undo the harm, but it can help claimants find a more personal sense of closure and justice than what the criminal justice system can deliver.
  • Punitive damage: A judge can decide to order punitive damages against a defendant in a sexual abuse lawsuit. Punitive damage is used to penalize the defendant for criminal wrongdoing, such as carrying out an act of sexual assault.

Let our Manchester sex abuse attorneys help you understand your options and rights as someone who has survived sex abuse. We can assist people who survived sexual abuse in recent years or while they were children. Due to the Crime Victims’ Rights Enhancement Act of 2020, New Hampshire does not apply a statute of limitations for most civil actions filed against offenders for sexual assault, which means you might be able to file a civil claim if you were abused as a minor many years ago.

Sununu Youth Services Center Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Horn Wright, LLP is currently hearing from potential clients who suffered abuse at the Sununu Youth Services Center in Manchester, New Hampshire. Numerous people who were once kept at the youth detention center as part of a sentencing or correctional program have come forth to accuse more than 100 staff members of sexual abuse and sexual violence throughout the last three decades. There is already a pending lawsuit against the Sununu Youth Services Center, once called the Youth Development Center.

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) should back the lawsuit, future lawsuits, and class actions against the Sununu Youth Services Center with investigations and penalties. If you stayed at this center for any period and you suffered acts of sexual abuse by staff members or other youths staying there, then please know that our attorneys can help you seek a sense of justice and closure, as well as compensation.

Let Us Help You Use Your Voice

The most difficult part of starting a sexual abuse claim is usually the start. Survivors of sexual abuse are often afraid to do anything to hold the abuser accountable because they could try to retaliate and hurt them again. Others are worried that no one will believe them if they speak up. As time passes, and nothing has been done yet, some survivors start to think that nothing can or should be done, other than to leave it in the past.

Our Manchester sexual abuse attorneys are here to help you speak up and stand up, whenever you are ready. We promise not to rush you through anything or handle your case in a way that makes you uncomfortable. The process can feel just as important as the results when it comes to cases of such sensitive nature, which is why we put intentional focus on your emotions and expectations as your case develops. By the time it concludes, it should feel like a victory of your making that reflects your strength within.

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