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Civil Rights

Rochester Civil Rights Lawyer

Abused by the Police or Government? Take Legal Action!

No one should live in fear of police brutality, racial profiling, and other abuses carried out by the government. Yet civil rights violations are an all-too-common problem across the United States.

In Rochester, Horn Wright, LLP proudly stands up for people who have been victimized by civil rights violations. With more than 100 cases taken to trial verdicts and an unwavering sense of justice, we are the team that you should trust first and foremost to represent you. Not only do we seek to set things right and reverse the harm caused by the civil rights violation, but we also explore options to demand compensation and damages on your behalf.

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Forms of Police Brutality & Misconduct

The majority of the civil rights cases we accept at our Rochester law office are related to police brutality. In recent years, the number of police brutality incidents across New York have seemingly risen, too. If you were abused by the police in any way, we want to hear from you to see if we can help demand the injustices be righted.

Different types of civil rights violations carried out by police officers include:

  • Excessive force: Police officers are instructed to use deadly force only when absolutely necessary, which is open to interpretation. There are far too many stories of a police officer overreacting to a situation, perceiving a suspect to be more dangerous than they really are, and resorting to discharging their firearm. Other than misuse of a service weapon, police can also carry out excessive force by brutalizing and beating suspects after they have already surrendered for arrest.
  • Unlawful arrest: In order to lawfully stop, detain, or arrest someone, a police officer must first have reasonable suspicion that they have committed a crime. Some police officers intentionally abuse their power to detain people, keeping suspects in handcuffs without ever explaining why they had been stopped in the first place. Even if you were let go without being charged, an unlawful arrest or detainment is a serious civil rights violation that should not go unchecked.
  • Illegal search and seizure: Probable cause is necessary for a police officer to search your person or property. For more invasive searches, a warrant authorized by a judge is needed. There are many records of police officers throughout Rochester and other cities in New York using an unlawful “stop-and-frisk” procedure, which entails stopping anyone who “looks suspicious” and conducting a rapid frisk for weapons or narcotics. In this situation, the intent is to avoid civil rights violation accusations by taking only a minute or two to frisk an individual, yet this is clearly still a major problem.
  • Racial profiling: No one can be stopped, detained, or interrogated by the police based solely on the color of their skin. However, racial profiling is a significant issue in police precincts nationwide, including in Rochester. If you were racially profiled, please speak to our civil rights attorneys to see what we can do next to demand justice.
  • Malicious prosecution: Civil rights violations can be carried out by anyone in the criminal justice system, including prosecutors and District Attorneys. When a suspect’s case is brought to charges and prosecution without any logical reason for the escalation, it is a civil rights violation known as malicious prosecution.
  • Prisoner abuse: Prison wardens, sheriffs, and other onsite security personnel may intentionally abuse or neglect prisoners, treating them as “less than human.” Some of these authority figures see themselves as vigilantes who punish the criminally convicted further. We see them as lawbreakers themselves who need to answer for themselves in court and be removed from their job positions that they have so wrongfully exploited.

Outcomes of a Successful Civil Rights Case

Many people who have been harmed through police brutality or other civil rights violation often wonder if there would be any point to bring up a civil rights case. They understandably question if the government and its institutions can even be held accountable for criminal wrongdoings. It is our mission as Rochester civil rights lawyers to show you that they can be with enough determination and legal experience.

When a civil rights case ends successfully, it can bring these three key benefits:

  • Policy change: When a civil rights violation is rooted in outdated or tilted police policy, the only thing to erase or update that policy might be a civil rights lawsuit, which brings it to the attention of the public and higher courts.
  • Termination of offender: At the end of a civil rights case, the police officer or other official who overstepped their authority to harm others might be fired. When out of a position of power, they can do less harm to others in the future.
  • Monetary compensation: You might also be able to demand fair compensation for the hardships you endured. Some courts will award punitive damages to plaintiffs as a way of penalizing the defendant for causing or allowing a civil rights violation.

You deserve to be heard after suffering from a civil rights violation. Let Horn Wright, LLP fight for your rights and those of everyone around you. The outcome of your case could change lives for the better. Don’t leave it up to chance. Count on us to strengthen your case and seek justice!

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