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Vermont Fraternity Sex Abuse Lawsuits

Horn Wright, LLP Can Help You Sue

Horn Wright, LLP is hearing from current and former students from universities throughout Vermont, all of whom have endured sexual abuse while in a fraternity. If you were in a fraternity in Vermont and were hazed or otherwise sexually assaulted, then you might have the grounds to sue the university that harbored and enabled your abusers. If we hear from numerous students who were abused at the same school or in the same fraternity, then a mass tort or class action could be justified.

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Universities in Vermont We Can Sue

Were you sexually abused while in a fraternity while attending one of these universities?

  • University of Vermont (Burlington)
  • Castleton University (Castleton)
  • Northern Vermont University – Johnson (Johnson)
  • Norwich University (Northfield)

No matter what school you were attending to complete your education, we can bring a lawsuit against it if you were abused while on campus or in a fraternity. No defense team can intimidate us.

How Common is Sexual Abuse in Universities?

The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) estimates that 15% of male undergraduates will be sexually assaulted while in university. The majority of those attacks happen while in or due to a fraternity. The actual percentage of sexual abuse survivors could be higher because “Greek life” at universities conditions people to accept abuse and “traditions,” no matter how harmful they might be.

Title IX Lawsuits

Sexual abuse claims filed against universities and fraternities are usually governed under Title IX rules and regulations. Title IX is meant to better allow students to sue educational institutions for discrimination, including discrimination based on sex, which has been interpreted to mean sexual assault, too. Title IX law can complicate legal proceedings against an abuser, though, and make it more difficult for victims to secure compensation and justice if they are unprepared. Count on our attorneys to help you get ready for your case and any phases of it.

Fraternity Sex Abuse Damage Claims

You can demand compensation that helps pay for:

  • Medical costs associated with your sexual abuse injuries
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional trauma caused by the abuse

You might also be able to demand punitive damages through your claim. Punitive damages can be used to force a university or fraternity house to pay you out of its own coffers. This is an extra form of punishment meant to deter any future transgressions from the defendant or defendants. Punitive damages are even more difficult to achieve than economic and non-economic damages, though, so you should only proceed with the assistance of our attorneys.

Contact Horn Wright, LLP Now

You only risk furthering the advantage of the defendants the longer you wait to take legal action. If you were sexually abused while attending a university in Vermont, then you should call (812) 735-9010 now. Let our sexual assault attorneys from Horn Wright, LLP help you make the most of your case, so you can pursue justice and compensation with confidence.

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